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ByLaws Amended

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The North Star Chapter Board of Directors revised the chapter bylaws and proposed changes are available for member review.

You can view the proposed version by clicking here: North Star Chapter, BMW CCA Bylaws. The most important proposals for substantive change and clarification are as follows:

  • Annual elections and the start and end of directors’ and officers' terms of service.

  • Voting members of the board of directors are elected chapter officers, plus specific appointed positions.

  • Meetings format and what constitutes a quorum.

  • Use of electronic and virtual methods to conduct chapter business.

  • Other proposed changes are for clarity only.

Please contact us with your feedback on the proposed changes by submitting a “Get In Touch” form on the website. The deadline for feedback is January 6, 2021, at which time a request to vote to adopt the proposed amendment will be sent to all members via email.

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