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January 2022 DCTC event


Our adult driving schools are non-competitive events intended to allow drivers to experience the attributes of car control at and beyond the limit, in a safe and controlled environment.  


The school will help students improve their driving skills while learning about car dynamics. The school’s dual purpose is to teach skills useful in everyday driving situations and to prepare students for Sommer Schnell, our High-Performance Driving Experience.


The school is held at Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) on a 2.8-mile track that provides a safe learning environment for moderate speed maneuvers. 

What We Do

The training alternates between in-car and classroom sessions. While in-car, students demonstrate techniques such as braking while turning, inducing rotation, countering oversteer, and other techniques by navigating through a challenging course. The goal is to remove misconceptions and promote confidence and understanding of what the car and driver are capable of accomplishing, as well as understanding and respect for the limits of car control.

Although this is not a racing school, students learn to drive their car better at its limits, and increase their ability to brake, corner, and accelerate quickly and precisely without losing control of their car

January 2022 DCTC event
January 2022 DCTC event

Who Is Eligible

All levels of students, 16 years and over with all makes and models of cars are welcome.  BMW CCA membership is required but you do not have to drive a BMW to participate in our schools and enjoy the experience. 

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