Forms and Documents

Expense & Reimbursement

North Star Chapter BMW CCA Expense Report
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HPDE Documents and Forms

Tech Inspection Form

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North Star Chapter BMW CCA Driving School Technical Inspection - Required for all HPDE events.

Sommer Schnell Event Details and Checklist

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North Star Chapter BMW CCA HPDE event details and checklist
The official track map of BIR 2.5 mile competition course used for Sommer Schnell, North Star Chapters Summer Performance Driving School.

TRSS Documents and Forms

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Classifieds Requests

To place your classified ad online, submit a classifieds request form to the North Star Webmaster. Ads will not be published without your membership number. BMW Car Club of America North Star Chapter is not responsible for typos or omissions, no warranties expressed or implied, your mileage may vary, etc. We do not edit the classifieds for accuracy, punctuation or grammar. If you have questions or can not use the forms below, please contact the webmaster at

Official BMW Logos and Fonts

Login required to access all content in this section. Use of the official club logo must follow guidelines set forth by BMW CCA National. For a complete list of requirements and standards visit for current guideline documentation. This zip file contains the logo standards to which all BMW clubs must adhere. It includes fonts, example logos and applications.
These design guidelines have been developed in close collaboration with the BMW Club & Community Management. They outline the new appearance using examples for all the relevant media applications, are mandatory worldwide and apply without restriction to all communication and correspondence materials.
Official BMW Group font for all internal and external publications.
The following color specifications are defined for the Giugiaro M.

Official Chapter Logos

North Star Member Benefits Brochure

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2019 Member Benefits Brochure. ZIP archive with all fonts and InDesign Files

North Star Sponsorship Flyer

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2019 sponsorship opportunities breakdown.
Flyer to be displayed at club social events and happy hour.
Flyer to be displayed at club events that require onsite registration.