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Frequently asked questions

Registration Questions

Must I be a member of BMW CCA to participate in the Driving School?

A BMW CCA membership is required to attend however some exceptions will be considered. Send a message to to learn more. Registration or renewal of BMW CCA membership can be done by visiting BMW CCA Membership link

How old do I have to be to drive in Driving School?


Can I use my convertible, pickup truck, or SUV for the Driving School?

Trucks, pickups, vans, and most SUVs are not allowed. BMW SAVs (X5, X3, and other X-series) and Porsche Cayenne and Macan are allowed. Convertibles must be equipped with the following:

  • A roll bar or roll cage meeting the requirements in Section 2.3.19, Roll bars for both hardtops & convertibles
  • Arm restraints in soft-top vehicles
  • Five (or more)-point harnesses for both driver and passenger

What completed forms do I have to bring to Driving School?

All forms are available on the Driving School Forms page.

  • Your completed car tech inspection form is required at check-in
  • At check-in, you will sign the Adult Release Waiver and the Communicable Disease Waiver
  • If you are bringing any minors to the track, you should bring the completed minor waiver form as well. If the parents or legal guardian will not be present, the minor waiver form must be signed by a parent/guardian and notarized in advance

Scheduling Questions

What time should I arrive at Driving School?

The main gate at the track will open at 6:00 AM Saturday. Upon entering the track you will sign a waiver for BIR and then proceed to the paddock area, completely unload your car and get ready for the day. The day begins with a mandatory driver’s meeting at 8:00 AM so arrive early enough to unload and be present at the meeting.

What time will Driving School be finished?

Track time ends around 5:00 PM; clean-up generally takes until 5:30/6:00 PM.

What is the Driving School schedule?

Links to the schedules are here, please click here>

If it is raining, snowing, etc., will the Driving School be canceled/postponed?

No, we hold the driving school regardless of weather conditions.

Track, Safety & Preparation Questions

Do I need a helmet for Driving School?

Yes, if you do not have one, we recommend that you purchase or rent one before the event. Helmets are not available at the driving school/track. Required helmets are Snell EA (Elite Application), SA (Special Application), or M (Motorcycle) rated years 2015 or 2020. Year 2010 helmets will be allowed during 2021, this 11th-year standard release grace period.

This is my first driving school, how can I prepare?

Download and read the documents on the download page. Before leaving home, take all loose items out of your car that you will not need at the track.

What should I bring with me?

Items to consider:

  • Oil, torque wrench, tire pressure gauge, spare brake pads (front and rear)
  • A plastic tote with a cover or a tarp in which to place all the items from your car’s trunk and interior. We do this event rain or shine, and everything must come out of your car at the track
  • Folding chair(s), especially if a significant other or friend will be with you
  • Sunscreen, rain gear, bug repellant, hat
  • A folding canopy can be nice to have for shade or shelter from the rain
  • Long pants and shirts made of all cotton, no blends. You’ll be “up north” and temperatures and weather conditions vary widely. Short sleeve shirts are allowed. Shorts are not acceptable for anyone on the track
  • Rain jacket
  • Shoes should have soft, non-slip soles. Open-back shoes, boots, or sandals are not acceptable
  • Drinking water is provided. Bring your own sports drinks and snacks

How many cars are on the track at once? Is it crowded?

Approximately 15 to 20 cars are on the track at one time. Instructor drive sessions may have 30-40 cars on the track.

How are the students grouped into the on-track run groups?

The chief instructor is responsible for grouping students into run groups (A, B, C & D) based upon each student’s prior experience at driving schools and other high-performance driving histories. Students can be moved between run groups during the day if it becomes clear to the instructors that they are not assigned to the most appropriate run group.

Since I am an experienced track driver, may I drive solo on the track, without an instructor?

Experienced drivers may drive solo in A-group with the approval of the Chief Instructor.

General Questions

Can I bring the kids to Driving School?

Yes, however, bring someone who will be responsible for their welfare while you are on the track or in class. A parent or guardian must sign a Minor Waiver Form for each minor.

What are the qualifications of the instructors?

Our instructors have extensive high-performance driving experience and have demonstrated both technical driving skills and an ability to teach. Our instructors come from a variety of driving disciplines including club racing, advanced driving schools, time trials, and autocross.