High Performance Driving Education

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A High Performance Driving Education event is intended to allow drivers, with track experience ranging from first timers to amateur racers, to practice car control techniques at high speed on a race track. North Star has traditionally held this event in late spring or early summer at Brainerd International Raceway on the 13 turn competition course. The event includes technical workshops covering theory of vehicle dynamics and car control technique with in-car instruction from one of North Star's driving coaches. Groups are created for on-track sessions based upon the driver's experience to maximize both fun and safety, insuring the best possible learning experience while allowing driver's the freedom to push their cars as far as their skills allow.

Although this is not a racing school, you will learn to push the limits through techniques including effective braking, maximizing tire adhesion and carrying momentum through the corners in order to run consistent, quick laps.

North Star's High Performance Driving Schools are open to all BMW CCA members with all makes and models of cars, excluding most convertibles and Sport Utility Vehicles. Due to the high speed nature of these events, there are several requirements including helmets and a pre-event vehicle technical inspection. Please review the event announcements for additional information.

Attendance of a Car Control Clinic prior to a High Performance Driving School is strongly suggested.

Check the North Star Club Calendar for a complete list of driving events.