BMW 3 Series Wheels & Tires

BMW 3 Series Wheels & Tires Set of 4 - $500

Contact: Kim

(612) 963-7724

Set of 4 wheels-and-tires for BMW 3 series (E36 or E46, non-M.) 16 x 7.5 Sport Edition wheels with 205/55/16 Dunlop Winter 3D tires. Between 7-8/32nds tread depth, that's about 70% of new. Wheels are near perfect, not one curb scuff... please check the photo array, there are even pictures of the backs of the wheels.

Meticulous owner, there is a close-up of each wheel, and photos showing the treads of all 4 tires, including the confirming tread measurement.

You can still buy a similar set-up from the TireRack, for essentially $1K (see photo array.) Wheels are still like new, tires at 70%... but price only at 50%: $500/set of 4