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Subject: Kenny Raway’s Nomination for PresidentDate: December 4th, 2018Mobile: (612) 237-0205Email:

Dear Members of the BMW CCA North Star Chapter,

My name is Kenny Raway and I have been nominated for the role of President of the BMW Car Club of America North Star Chapter. I have served on the North Star Chapter board in many capacities over the last year and a half including Webmaster, Digital Marketing and the Drivers Education Committee. I am greatly honored to be nominated for the role of President and I look forward to continually moving the North Star Chapter forward by enhancing our member experiences through events that build a strong community based on appreciation for the BMW brand, it's heritage, knowledge and camaraderie. Along with continually improving our member experience, I am looking to strengthen our relationships within the local community by building strong partner and sponsor relationships to grow our member base and strengthen our foothold within the Minnesota Car Community and beyond.

In order to accomplish the goals set forth, I have extensive experience in leadership roles in my professional career that can assist the chapter for my vision moving forward.

● I have worked for a Twin Cities based engineering firm specializing in Data Center design and architecture. While working for this company I managed the design and implementation of multiple projects as well as well as the fifteen engineers dedicated to those customers. In order to accomplish tasks on this scale, organization and project planning was key to the success of the project and providing deliverables in a timely manner.

● Along with the previous experience mentioned, I am currently a Senior Systems Engineer at Patterson Companies here in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. As a Senior Systems engineer I am responsible for the architecture, communication, implementation and overall stability for many technology platforms.

● Being in these roles have required me to not only be a technical resource, but an engineer who understands the big picture and how these technology platforms will be consumed by the end user.

● A positive end user experience is key! Organization, communication and execution has lead to my success as an engineer and I will bring that same level of expertise to the North Star Chapter providing an exceptional experience for our members.

● Working with vendors and technology partners is also an important role as an engineer. Without these key contacts our business organization would lack direction and support. This is another area I would like to strengthen within our chapter, building on those key partnerships within the community to assist us in properly marketing our club and providing new and exciting experiences and benefits to our members.

As Webmaster I have already used much of the knowledge from my professional career and applied it to the chapter. In the last year and a half as Webmaster I have completely rebuilt the North Star Chapter website increasing traffic and visibility by 38.5%. A recent addition to the website includes an integrated user forum powered by Google that replaces the legacy Yahoo! Groups user forum. I have implemented standards for collecting reimbursements for chapter expenses incurred by personnel on the board. This streamlined process has created a database that is easily audited and tracked. I have also started work on preserving and curating the heritage of our chapter and proudly displaying it on our chapter site. Lastly, I have extended our chapters presence on social media through the use of Instagram, facebook and standardizing email campaigns. Our email campaign engagement has increased by 12.5% and 24% increase in click through performance on average.

In recent months I have taken on the role of Digital Marketing and have been engaging our sponsors, building new partnerships, creating documents that outline our membership benefits and standardized how sponsors will be engaged in the future. The main goal behind all of my efforts in this position has been to strengthen relationships and provide new opportunities for our members.

I would like to thank you for your consideration for my nomination as President of the North Star Chapter. I look forward to continuing my commitment to serve the BMW CCA North Star Chapter and its Members.


Kenny Raway


BMW Car Club of America

North Star Chapter