High-Performance Driving Education

High-Performance Driving Education (HPDE) schools have been extremely popular with performance-oriented owners of all cars, but none more so than BMW drivers. BMW CCA North Star Chapter has been hosting driving schools at road-course tracks around the country since the 1970s. The premier HPDE Event hosted by North Star is Sommer Schnell.

All levels of students are welcome, and our instructors will work with you to understand your wishes and abilities. Our driving schools are set up to meet everyone's needs, and you will be instructed within your comfort level. We want everyone to enjoy the track, the friends, and the facility. Each driver will have an instructor in the car to coach you and help you learn the proper lines of the track. All participants also attend classroom sessions to reinforce what they are doing and learning in the car.

Safety is always the greatest of concerns at any driving school, and it's always the focus of everything we do. We want everyone to enjoy the event and to take their cars home in the same condition as when they arrived. But we also want you to go home with an improved awareness of your skills and your car, and a lot of track stories to share.

Sommer Schnell is open to all BMW CCA members with all makes and models of cars, excluding most convertibles and Sport Utility Vehicles. Due to the high speed nature of these events, there are several requirements including helmets and a pre-event vehicle technical inspection. Please review the event announcements for additional information.

Attendance of a Car Control Clinic prior to a High Performance Driving School is strongly suggested.

To learn more about Sommer Schnell, visit our event website for full event details.