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Driving Events - Tom's Tours

There's no better way to enjoy your "Ultimate Driving Machine" than to get out on the open road.  It's even better when you venture out with fellow club members.  From May to October the club offers many day-long drives to interesting locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Details vary by drive, but always include entertaining roads, something interesting to see and a delicious meal somewhere along the way. 

In the Fall we also offer a three-day weekend getaway.  This allows club members a chance to really enjoy each others company and enjoy some excellent scenic drives throughout the upper Midwest. Past destinations include the North Shore of Lake Superior, a drive down the Mississippi to Dubuque, Iowa, a trip through the driftless region of southwest Wisconsin to New Glarus, a quaint Swiss village, and a visit to the Field of Dreams and the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

Drive participants receive a printed map and turn-by-turn directions prior to departure.  The group travels together and stops as necessary to refuel, recharge and regroup.  There is no cost to register for the drives, but you are responsible for meals, gas and any other expenses along the way.  Minnesota summers may be brief, but it is our goal to make the most of it.  Watch the club website for more details on the drives being offered this year, or contact North Star Tours Coordinator.  tours@northstarbmw.org